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ref date:4 Feb 1999 (WBA)
Scots MSPs to be excluded from English matters

Members of the Scottish parliament would be excluded from all discussion and vot es on issues in London that concerned ONLY England under new plans unveiled by t he Tories today.

At first glance this seems reasonable, but they would NOT be able to speak on matters of health care or Education either, and yet the Scottish office would continue fiddling with the Health service and schools/universities in Scotland even AFTER the Scottish parliament sits!

SO: the Scots have no input and NO veto over what London decides is best for our schools, hospitals and universities!

Doesn't sound like a solution to me.

  • Shut down the Scottish Office
  • Keep all taxes raised in Scotland for Scotland
  • Exclude ALL influences from London on the Scottish parliament

    In short: we need our independence. Not some wooly, half witted, puppet assembly controlled by London