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ref date:3 Jan 2003 (tra)
Road tax to ease congestion is highway robbery
Since October 1st in the city of Durham, England, people have been taxed (through toll taking) to use major areteries into the city. the roads so tolled have seen a 90% drop in utilisation, and the IDIOTS who see this as a way of relieving inner city congestion see this a success.

They have NOT said where the traffic is going instead! Through backroads to create roadkill in suburban areas, speeding past schools to try and get to work having been forced to take the long way to the office?

Here's a shallow and empty non victory.

The Labour retards in Edinburghs city council plan to charge even more on more roads into the City. How is this going to help anyone except the expensed businessman?

KICK THE LABOUR PARTY, TORIES and SPINELESS Liberals OUT of Scotland. Let them take their dumb ideas to Westminster along with their treacherous behaviour.

2003 and MORE taxes on the Scots.