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ref date:27 Nov 2000 (HEA)
Mobile phone cancers and defence

Disney has backed out of deals to use their cartoon characters to sell mobile phones to youngsters after a damming show on ABC network TV shown in prime time across the USA on Thanksgiving day last week.

Now it seems the "UK" military are spinning a new angle to help shore up the public health threat caused by the continuous pulses of microwave radiation from the masts and towers erected to service the mobile phone industry.

They claim secret technology being developed in the "UK", and a primitive version already deployed (?) by the Serbs, could scatter pulses of radiation from CIVILIAN mobile masts and detect stealth aircraft!

Fantasy? Perhaps not. But this fact alone could help slow down the deployment of wireless technologies to third world countries who would be in effect buying military equipment that could detect the worlds most famous and expensive US built stealth fighter.

Does the mobile phone industry pose a threat to US national security by helping illuminate their most secret planes....???