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ref date:6 Oct 2000 (WBA)
Do not forget what the Tory unionists DID TO SCOTLAND

Hague, in, his current deluded state has said his party is ready for government. Perhaps of a parish council, but thats it...he said: "The Conservative Party in Government will direct its energies to improving the schools that are the most hopeless, to bringing life to inner city areas that are the most bleak, to helping pensioners that are the least well off, to tackling drug problems that scar the least fortunate, to addressing family breakdown in the most dislocated communities, and to improving the health care for those most dependent on the NHS. And it is because we are ready to do all these things that the message coming across loud and clear from this conference is that we are ready for Government."

Just remember, Nu-Labour and ToryBlair are as much a collection of pro-union anti-Scottish louts as the Tory party was. The Tories destroyed our country for almost two decades and Blair has continued the process

Vote with your brains next time and choose your financial freedom and nationhood once more. The Euro currency will happen anyway, better we have our own Scottish ministers in Europe than leave all our 'powers' in Westminsters dirty, uncaring hands.