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ref date:11 Oct 2000 (EU)
Scotlands influence in Europe NON EXISTENT

A year ago two new toy-time offices opened in Brussels, an idea of Londons, to make the more foolish Scottish voter feel they were involved in European decision making.

Scottish Executive and Scotland Europa - two wastes of public money are having about as much influence as a peacekeeper on the Westbank show Scotland has come NOWHERE near having any influence in Europe at all

Finance minister Jack McConnell said these little offices have helped Scotland influence Europe whilst remaining part of the "UK" - an influential European state.

If Scotland were independent they'd be listening to our financial muscle, and buying our oil an gas, thats influence

McConnell ranted on "This is a very powerful example of devolution being a success for Scotland. I feel that European Union activity is one of the more successful areas where devolution has bedded down early"

Here are more examples of McConnells lack of care for his homeland.