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ref date:27 Sep 2002 (si)
Scotsman newspaper only fit for fish suppers
In its now typical cowering manner to all matters concerning an independent Scotland, this once fine newspaper accused the SNP of ignoring reality by saying it would remove trident from Scottish soil and waters and leave NATO.

What is so bad about this? Scotland needs no huge army, it needs no nuclear arsenal under the proxy control of the United States. Scotland is a country of 5 million people, like Eire (Ireland). We could join with a European force for our security and would work with the English army anyway!

This would give the Scottish people the say in how our money and morals are spent, rather than being towed along by London/Westminster in their poodle act with Washington.

We Scots do not need a penis-envy focussed nuclear array to make us feel important in the world.

Nato is relic, an antiquity of the cold war that is supported by the USA because it gives them influence in Europe. NATO should be disbanded and a new Euro parliament controlled force should take its place to ensure European security. In this way US politics would have to deal with ALL European countries and not just their 'friends of old'.

The Scotsman paper is PRO-"UK", it does not reflect the views of most Scots, and in fact does them a grave disservice by promulgating the "you cant go it alone' mentality used by London to keep us as a last colony.

This paper is only fit for wrapping your evening fish meal or your cats litter tray.....