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ref date:17 Sep 1999 (SI)
Liberal leader wants Scots out of Westminster

FACT1: Westminster STILL controls Scotland - they have a veto or direct control over most Scottish affairs

FACT2: The Scottish Office is no use to anyone, nor is the Scottish Secretary

Now Charles Kennedy, Liberal leader said : "Our view always was that if you take a meaningful view of power devolved to the Scottish parliament, the post of Secretary of State is not an essential post. I think we are looking at a post which will wither on the vine even under Labourís approach. "He is in the Cabinet at the moment Ė thatís a decision for Labour. But it seems to me that there isnít a long-term future for the position of Secretary of State for Scotland, nor need there be."

The problem is that the Scottish Office is obsolete now the parliament is in place. The parliament in Edinburgh should deal directly with London/Westminster.

If Westminster axes Scottish representation without giving us TOTAL control of our country how do we complain when they snub, deride and treat us like a colony - as they have done for centuries?