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ref date:17 Oct 2000 (EDU)
Edinburgh University dying under Labours public spending cuts

Those of you foolish enough to believe the good news banded about by Labour in Scotland MUST wake up and get your brains out of storage!

The doctors tell you that Scottish health care is dying and yet you Scottish labour voters ignore it.

Now the University of Edinburgh, one of the worlds oldest and most excellent educational establishments is having to borrow cash to stay alive as all university funding has been cut by Tories and Labour alike.

Believe the University chancellors NOT the lying Scottish (and English Labour party.

Even after borrowing cash Edinburgh may still have to lay staff off, cut back on courses and bring in more heavy fee paying foreign students just to stay afloat, limiting places for Scottish students whose parents pay tax for this University.

The university's Principal, Sir Stewart Sutherland has said Edinburgh University may well face a deficit of 3m in each of the next four years.

He said "This (cuts in REAL terms in University spending)is currently illustrated by the fact that in recent years the value of our core annual grant from the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council has been increasing by around 2% per annum, or less, when costs have been rising by around 4% plus."