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ref date:9 Jan 1999 (WBA)
Labour and its puppets in a panic

The SNP are still doing well in the polls in Scotland, in the face of disinformation, lying and outright unjustified attacks on the integrity of the party.

The Labour (owned and run?) 'Scotsman' Newspaper in Edinburgh having failed to make us think the SNP and IRA have the same bloody mentality tried to align the SNP and its supporters (fellow Scots none the less) with the lunatic right wing white supremacist KKK in the USA.

Don't worry, next time the SNP will be spearheading a global conspiracy to replace heads of government with alien imposters.... tune in for next weeks Labour controlled news media rantings. Ms Liddell would have done well in Thatchers campaign to discredit the miners during their ill fated strike. perhaps she is the vanguard of 'Nu' Labour - the new Tories