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ref date:7 Jan 2000 (SI)
Sean Connery deserves the honour for HIMSELF

50,000 is Seans contribution to the SNP to help bolster funds for Scottish independence. He still believes in this. Why should he not accept the knighthood in honour of his contribution to the world of acting, he has earned it.

If however, as ex SNP leader Gordon Wilson says the SNP have become part of the "British" establishment, and I say they have not - we as Scots are all in deep, deep trouble!

Sean deserves his moment of Glory - however that comes! 2 weeks ago he was sitting next to the Clintons in the USA, he is a standard bearer for Scotland, not a hypocrite. Its unfortunate the honour is bestowed by Elizabeth the first of the UK, but what can you do? - the English wiped our "Royal" family out!