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ref date:6 Apr 1999 (WBA)
Labour lying about Scotland as usual

Whilst the world recognises Scotland as a country as the Lockerbie trial gets underway, Dewar and his collection of London loving, anti-Scottish spin doctors start their final lying to Scottish voters.

Labour said Scotland would be economically prosperous staying in inside the (breached) Treaty of Union or face a messy divorce to get rid of Londons domination of the Scots.

Lets get rid of London. The Union is and always has been a sham. London based governments have abused and broken so many clauses of the treaty it is basically worthless anyway. They use it to flag wave and steal taxes, and oil from us, but give us less back in tax than we contribute. They (Westminster) deride our right to self determination whilst sending troops to help Kosovo and guns to Indonesia to help the people of East Timor die more quickly under the hands of 'British' made weapons.

Enough is enough, no more double standards from London.

On this anniversary of the declaration of Arbroath, where Scotland announced its full independence forever from the English, tell Westminster, Labour and Blair where they can go.