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ref date:5 Feb 2000 (WBA)
Time for Labour councils to be disbanded

Labour controls 13 of Scotland's 32 councils. The party's grip on power is unchallenged in large swathes of the central belt. In Glasgow it has 74 out of 79 councillors, in Midlothian it has 17 out of 18 and in South Lanarkshire it has 54 out of 76. Across Scotland, Labour has 550 councillors compared with the SNP's 203, the Conservatives' 111 and the Lib Dems' 156. There are 190 independents. Labour would suffer severe losses under PR; in some areas up to a third of the party's councillors could lose their seats.

Lets hope that proportional representation DOES come into effect then the Labour councils who have so happily mistreated their constituents by implementing Londons policies including the Illegal poll tax can be kicked from power.