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ref date:7 Nov 1997 (ECON)
Labour Rigs Scottish Investment

A bitter row has started within the Labour party cabinet headed by Tony Blair. The row concerning Scottish devolution has worsened as Donald Dewar (Scottish Secretary) said "NO" to plans that would let London hold a veto over Scotland's ability to win major job creation projects from from multinational companies by offering packages to make them settle in Scotland rather than elsewhere.

Margaret Beckett, the President of the Board of Trade, insists all packages to encourage inward investment are "assembled by the Department of Trade and Industry in London"

Of course this greatly reduces the Scottish parliaments ability to do what is best for Scotland.

Who is the parliament for in Edinburgh, the English? I think not.

The powers the parliament will be 'allowed' by London are diminishing, by the time we get to 1999 it will be a fine place for old men with Eton accents and Scottish names to pretend to have Scotlands interests at heart, whilst London looks after its own.

And what Labour MP in Scotland will dare speak out against the party line knowing he/she will be out of the door the next day?