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ref date:28 Aug 2000 (ECON)
uniroyal killer McLeish bleats about unemployment

Enterprise Minister Henry McLeish has asked all 129 MSPs to work together to help rid Scotland of the "scourge of unemployment".

He said "... while the nation has done well there are certain parts of Scotland that have not shared in the dramatic reductions in unemployment and the growth of prosperity that most of us have experienced".

"We need to give people the independence, dignity, income, and social contact that many of us take for granted. We need to close gaps and there is a still a lot of work that needs to be done. We need a working economy in every community. Some parts of Scotland are simply not sharing in the stronger labour market."

This from the man who is documented by the German owners of the Uniroyal tire plant that cost hundreds of job losses last year, as having ignored ALL attempts to get the Scottish executive on board to save the plant.

McLeish CAN'T be trusted. These are just fine words from Blairs own fine spin doctors in London on his lips. If we were an independent nation we wouldn't be fooling around playing politics with peoples live the way Labour and Tory alike do in Scotland.