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ref date:10 Sep 2002 (econ)
Labour lying over Scottish cash out of Westminster

Its a FACT that Scotland is deprived of European funding by Westminster/London, and that the Scots have long contributed more taxes into London coffers, year on year than they ever get back.

London continues to lie to the gullible Scots population saying we get more out than we put in. And they are doing it again.

John Swinney (SNP leader) argued yesterday : "Labour says that for next year there is another 1.5bn as a result of the spending review from July, 2002. The truth is that review announced only 3.5bn for all departments in the UK and Scotland stood to receive only 100m." Producing official Whitehall figures, he said: "This is explicit in the Treasury's own CSR publication."

He added: "What Labour has to admit is that the rest is made up of 1000m announced as far back as September, 2000, and re- announced time and again since then, and a further 224m from the April budget at Westminster this year. Where the rest comes from is clear to no-one."

What is clear is that Scotland needs is financial independence NOW to keep our finances out of the dirty Enron minded criminal accountants lying from Westminster and then, shortly after, our Nationhood back, total independence and direct UN and European parliamentary representation.