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ref date:30 Mar 1999 (SI)
Liberal Democrats put spin on Scottish election results

In a move most uncharacteristic of the Lib Dems, they had one of their leading luminaries say of the upcoming vote for the Scottish parliament "If people want separatism then they can vote for the SNP. If the SNP get a majority then independence will happen. If they don't get a majority then it won't. Either way there will be no need for a further test of public opinion."

This is naive!

The Labour party has its spin machine, and its KEEP LABOUR IN POWER IN LONDON machine in full swing just now. The vote will NOT be decisive, it will NOT decide whether Scotland wants to be free, autonomous abd self-determined again. That will come with a referendum.

Liking the situation to Quebec is pretty close,except Scotland has been a nation since at least the signing of the declaration of Arbroath in the 14th century, and not some land-locked super-state that behaves like Texas!