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ref date:28 Apr 1999 (SI)
Liberals, Labour and London carve Scotland for their platter

Whilst the liberals, long a force in local councils only would love the chance to chew on the steak rather than sip at the political cup, they have apparently signed on with Blairs Nu-Labour.

This 'pact', if it exists, means London has carved up Scotland, and will control it via the puppet parliament using a coalition of Liberal and Labour Scottish (I use that word with bile in my throat) MSPs FROM LONDON.

I can only hope that they (the liberals) choke on piece of gristle!

Alex Salmond, the SNP leader said "This is a major revelation, which exposes the real motivations of London Labour and the Lib Dems in this campaign. They have tried to carve up the Scottish election campaign in London – on a cynical and negative anti-SNP agenda.Of the people present at this secret stitch-up, only one – Donald Dewar – is actually standing for the Scottish parliament. And Jim Wallace wasn’t even present. Two London-based parties agreeing at a secret meeting to gang-up against the SNP in a Scottish election is deeply undemocratic, and a negation of the new and open politics ushered in by the referendum."