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ref date:8 Dec 1999 (SI)
Libyans go on trial under Scottish law

How convenient it is for London and Westminster to recognise the legal independence and nationhood of Scotland when it suits them!

To extricate Westminster from the mess that is the PanAm bombing, and meet Libyan requirements that the suspects receive fair trial, Scotland is treated as an independent nation with its own internationally recognised airspace.

However, most of the time, our Scottish nationhood is subsumed in the entity known as the "UK". A non-country with at least two independent constituent nations who entered a union as a matter of political and military expediency i.e. English guns and blockades on Scottish seaports.

Blair and Westminster had better remember that Scottish waters are also recognised under international law and as soon as the SNP in control of the Scottish parliament oil and gas will no longer be free.....

Labour may have stolen 6000 square miles of Scottish waters just before this puppet parliament was established, but that wont help them try to steal Scottish oil and gas when we are independent.(see mid section of Scottish Oil and Gas production soaring)