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ref date:22 Jan 1999 (ECON)
Labours Liddell piddling around with Scottish peoples cash

Helen Liddell

Deputy Scottish Secretary said "Within a day of the five fundamentalists seizing control of the SNP candidates lists, the SNP leadership has been forced to confirm its commitment to raise Scotland's taxes. "The tax and spend agenda of the SNP - which over recent months the leadership has tried to hide from the Scottish voters - has now been exposed. "The announcement has confirmed the fears of Scottish business voiced this week that an SNP administration would raise taxes and cost jobs."

The Scottish parliament LET ALONE THE SNP may well have to raise taxes because

  • London will have less money back from the European Union
  • London will cut the miserly cash it returns to the Scots every year under the Barrnett formula

    Labour voters MUST NOT let the wool be pulled over their eyes by this 'assistant' from the so called Scottish Office (London placed lackies who'd sell their country out)