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ref date:20 Aug 1999 (ECON)
Scots tire makers plight ignored by government

Neither London, nor the servile plebs that compise the so called Scottish executive did anything to try and save the 800 jobs that were scrapped along with the lives of the workers at the continental tire plant.

Henry McLeish said he'd been in constant touch. It appears he didn't tell the whole truth, not even close!. An executive at Continental said this

Dr Wolfgang Holzbach, Continentalís vice-president of manufacturing, said in company minutes "We have discussed this with the head of personnel and we are prepared to do this (cut a deal with Scottish labour ministers). We have corresponded with H. McLeish today, highlighting the almost zero response from government previously in the last five years." He went on to say "Continental has invested £15 million in Newbridge. Government response has been £86,000 in training grants."

FIRE McLEISH. Then have a new election and kick Labours sorry, lack lustre, lying, indifferent backside back over the border where it belongs!