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ref date:9 May 2001 (WBA)
Scotland - the patient is already dead

Helen Liddell made about the most misinformed, blatantly misleading statement of her dubious career when she said (talking of the SNP ruling Scotland)

"Membership of the United Kingdom isn't a crutch that a miraculously revived Scotland can throw away; it's a leg. It hurts if you try to cut it off, as the separatists would do. And once the operation was completed, you would fall over."

Scotland is DEAD under Westminster anyway. Whether its Labour or Tory, we are second class citizens, we are fodder for votes, we are a source of tax and a source of natural gas and oil. Nothing more. As a patient we (the Scots are all but dead anyway), our pride is non-existent, our faith in ourselves has been eroded by decades of lies from London about how we couldn't go it alone. Hell, hack off both legs, its all but too late.

Even if Scotland were indepedent, NOTHING would change with respect to England and trade, because we'd all be part of the EU. What would change is Scots would be MUCH MUCH MUCH richer and have the dignity restored.

Liddell repeated the same garbage as Donald Dewar in 1998.