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ref date:9 Sep 2001 (EDU)
Scottish executive WILL introduce compulsory time wasteful school testing

The Labour promoted "learning and teaching Scotland" body is busy making up test sheets for all 5 to 14 year olds.

Of course you can bet the curricula will be biased towards PRO-British and therefore anti-Scottish points of view. The executive says it WONT bring tests in to match Englands farcical scheme - then why allow the LTS to work on the matter?

A lackie in the Scottish Executive said "The executive is working to streamline assessment and reporting. Compulsory national testing as in the English model will not be introduced."

We'll see.

The curriculum will no doubt contain 'FACTS' like:

  • The oil and gas in Scottish waters belongs to all the so called "UK"
  • There are no surviving members of the Scottish Royal family (a lie)
  • Scotland could never be independent and economically viable (a lie)
  • The Scottish parliament is a success (since when - it does as London says)
  • Labour helps the Scots people more than the Tories, ho ho ho.