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ref date:7 Jan 2003 (tra)
Little train that could not
Both Glasgow and Edinburgh airports need rail links to urban centres to help people connect into and out of these busy (and fast growing airports). Its a laughable situation, along with everything else in Labour controlled Scotland, that the only way to get to Edinburgh airport is by car, (slow coach) or public transport.

Now the Westminster ideal 'divide and conquer' is at work again. London is pushing its stooges in the so called Scottish 'parliament' to ONLY connect Edinburgh and NOT Glasgow airports with modern rail links.

In so doing they will cause a row of huge proportions between West and East coast Scots and their Westminster loving politicians. A smoke screen to hide the sheer incompetency and anti-Scottish behaviour of the major political parties in Scotland with the exception of the new Socialists and the SNP.

A smoke screen that will see London laughing at us again.

Poor Scots, get a clue, put the cross AGAINST the SNP, lets get these London loving, Westminster loving, anti-Scottish politicians OUT of our damned lives once and for all. Only the SNP can deliver independence and with it an independent government for the people of Scotland, by the people of Scotland.