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ref date:30 Aug 1999 (WBA)
Lobbyists to slither down Scotlands parliaments corridors

End Sleaze Labour promised.

Lobbyists are generally sleaze incarnate - focussed on their commissions and their employers interests. Sometimes their causes may be laudable, we the public never get to know until its too late. Labours sleaze pledge in 1997

An American (Larry Makinson)said of lobbying and lobbyists: "A great lobbyist like the perpetrator of the perfect crime. At the very best there is no indication that the crime has ever been committed. When they have done their job well there are no fingerprints."

Too true. They have protected cigarette companies whose diseases murder million of addicts a year, pollution because the oil is too important, and hair brained defence schemes that we tax payers foot the bill for.

There should be NO lobbyists at all- regardless of how harmless they look. The problem is they operate away from public debate and media scrutiny.

Now the Scottish parliament will have more lobbyists than MSPs, does that make you feel your interests are being protected, or those of some big and careless companies?