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ref date:31 Jan 2001 (CD)
Lockerbie, international crimes and the USA

With the court based in the Netherlands being Scotlands first face to the world as a NATION in 300 years, we see what appears to be justice delivered against the Libyans responsible for the Lockerbie bombing.

What is very worrying is that CNN news coverage included many reports from Americans who now see it as their right to exact revenge on Libya AGAIN, they bombed Libya once already as a punishment, and now seem set to try again!

Proposals to create and international criminal court, that can try terrorist acts by governments AND individuals QUICKLY, is being given a cool reception by American politicians. They have even said they want THEIR armed forces exempt from the court!

Why? So they can pursue policies set by Washington that may be wrong or abhorrent to the rest of the world?

The USA under Mr Bush has a chance to exert a positive influence on world affairs, as Clinton did in the peace settlements in Ireland, or to continue the stupidity exemplified by the use of depleted uranium weaponry (for example) in Kosovo and Iraq.

Whats the point is giving people their 'freedom' or securing oil supplies if you pollute the food chain and introduce radiation based cancers into the locals? Thats a war crime, criminal because the military in the USA and UK KNEW how dangerous radioactive dust from the DU shells would be. Now we see why the US wants its forces exempt from ICC control!