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ref date:2 Apr 1998 (ECON)
Scottish economy soars - contrary to Londons lie

Scotlands economy is set to overtake the rest of the so called "UK" by next year (1999).

Two Taiwanese companies, Chunghwa and Lite-On have invested heavily in Scotland and the Scots.

Of course after the Scottish parliament is in place the DTI in London will try its hardest to place obstacles in Edinburghs way, in case it hurts the "UK".

To hell with the DTI.

This growth forecast came in the latest quarterly economic commentary of Strathclyde University's Fraser of Allander Institute.

Just before the election in September 1997, London and Blair were telling the Scots how fragile the Scottish economy was, and how Scotland couldn't survive away from the corrupt Union ("UK"). Yet again they have been caught spreading lies and instilling fear to try and keep the Scots from taken what is rightfully theirs: their independence.