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ref date:15 May 1999 (ECON)
London STEALING sea, oil and gas from Scots

Only one day after Londons puppet parliament became a reality in Edinburgh, 6000 square miles of Scottish waters were transferred to English control. Any Scottish vessel breaking and English law (not Scottish notice) could be subject to English prosecution. This breaches the Treaty of Union 1707 but then again, London has been stealing from us Scots for centuries.

A leading an d perceptive Fishing Union representative, Hamish Morrison said " At the moment, we all just fish in the common European pool and the boundary doesn't really matter as far as quotas and other matters are concerned. But if the fleet were to go outside the European Union with independence it would mean losing the prolific Berwick Bank fishing grounds."
"And, of course, there are three big oilfields there - Argyll, Auk and Clyde - and a lot of exploration going on in the area at the moment."

Here's the real reason London/Westminster stole this sea BEFORE the vote on May 6th, if Oil and Gas were found and the SNP took independence for Scotland, England would have STOLEN these reserves of fossil fuels for themselves

And STUPID Scottish Labour voters let their noses be rubbed in the dirt yet again, how stupid are they? Is there are scale to measure it. Apparently not.

On 26th May A spokesman for the Scottish Office insisted Lord Sewel (London yes man) had not blundered by aiding the boundary redraw. The spokesman said the Fisheries protection agency map showed "an administrative boundary drawn up between the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Scottish Office". "It had no legal basis. A Scottish parliament, with specified devolved powers, needs a legally defined boundary. That is why a boundary has now been drawn up using median lines conforming to the UN Convention."

This is another ILLEGAL act performed by Westminster against the Scots, the Treaty of Union explicitly forbids England taking action to alter boundaries. But then again, the Scottish office are London lackies who should be out of a job now. The Scottish parliament deals with London NOT them