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ref date:3 Sep 1999 (CD)
Scotlands Lord Advocate (attorney general) asked to resign

In a recent criminal mistake, a convicted psychopathic killer, Noel Ruddle, was released back into public life. The Lord Advocate, (Lord Hardie) should have stepped down at that point, but he has been protected by Westminster in spite of the inept and public endangering act.

Now this Lord advocate ( who is the Scottish legal equivalent of Janet Reno) has attacked th SNP and Tory parties becuase they criticised him!

Kenny MacAskill, an SNP list member , said Lord Hardie’s comments made him no longer an impartial political figure. MacAskill said "The Lord Advocate was a player in this legal fiasco and as an adviser to the government should have limited his contribution to factual and legal matters. By blundering into party politics and making a highly political speech attacking those who have rightly criticised the incompetence and failure of the government in this matter, the Lord Advocate has rendered his position untenable, broken the long traditions of his office and devalued any future contribution he could make to the parliament."
"He should resign now, and if it was his bosses in the executive that instructed him to do this, they should apologise, not just to the parliament but also to Scotland."