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ref date:14 Jun 1999 (WBA)
UK independence party of xenophobs

One of the luminaries of this "keep everything the same as they have been for centuries party" said "We were elected because so many of the electorate trusted our strident message that Britain should never give up the pound. It shows what a huge support there is for a Eurosceptic vote in this country."

No, you were elected because the SE English electorate still think its 1850 and the 'British' Empire still rules the world!

They can't see their currency is overvalued, can't see new world trading blocks are more important than stupid flags and have their eyes shut tight lest the 'Hun' come over the channel.

Sorry Gents, it has already happened. Your indecision and flag waving has left both Germany and France ahead in the game, your pound will die as surely as your 'Union' will die within a very few years. And then England and Scotland can go their own ways, Scotland into the new millennium facing the challenges, and England back towards its dimming memories of a once proud nation WITH something to shout about.