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ref date:28 Jan 2000 (EDU)
Liberals and Labour sell out Scottish students

The Liberals joined with Labour to form a rotten coalition to steers the London controlled Scottish parliament having been promised :

  • Proportional representation
  • Abolition of ALL hereditary peers
  • An end to ALL university fees levied on Scottish students

    What have the Liberals done? SOLD OUT. LIED TO THEIR ELECTORATE.

    There will be no proportional representation country wide including England as Labour would lose all its seats.

    The Scottish Lords, many descendents of those who sold their county out in 1707 are STILL in the Lords.

    And NOW Scottish students will be hit with fees in the form of a graduate tax.. which stinks!

    These students are the key to Scotlands economic future, they will, if they work hard in the workplace pay MORE TAX ANYWAY... why should they be taxed TWICE...

    Answer: Because London WANTS them too, and the spineless Liberals will do anything to keep their slimey hands in power