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ref date:10 Jan 2003 (edu)
University for rich only now
Many students in the so called "UK", including Scotland can now expect to have to find 20,000 ($33,000 US) over the course of their studies, once living expenses and 'top-up' fees for popular courses are taken into account.

These top up fees are around 3,000 a year ($5000 US), which universities can charge at their discretion. These fees will not be charged to students until after graduation. The money will be collected through monthly debits from salaries.

This is all meant to open up higher education and provide an IT savvy information based population for the 21st century is it Blair you two-faced Janus!

Where is the chance for the poorer Scots, or is is OK to fill most Scottish Universities WHICH WILL STILL BE FUNDED BY SCOTTISH TAX PAYERS, with richer Southern English and rich overseas students?

Blair doesn't care WHO is in the universities, as long as he can show they make money.....

He breaks EVERY promise he makes, he looks after Westminsters interests NOT Scotlands, not ever.