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ref date:7 Oct 2000 (CD)
Curfews for teens in UK a step towards fascism?

There are many, many teens who exist purely to cause trouble, to vandalize, to spray paints, smash cars, scare and mug seniors on walks - and there are laws to deal with these scum already.

Now, Jack Straw (for brains) is planning to introduce blanket curfews for teens in areas designated by postcode (zip code), where they could not be out of doors any time in the evening at all, without their parents or legal guardians.

We all know the minority parents do not give a hoot about their children, but most do and to imprison most of the innocent to try and deal with the scum is illegal, the European Convention on Human Rights is quite clear - "freedom of movement".

This is as dumb and illegal as Blairs internet and computer spying schemes, the EHCR guarantees privacy.

So Blair, deal with those breaking the law, without doing it yourself.