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ref date:15 May 1997 (WBA)
Some of Balirs promises to Scotland Some of Balirs promises to Scotland

Blair promises many things including:

  • A bill to transform the education system and raise falling standards in state schools and cut class sizes.

  • An attack on youth crime in separate Scottish and English bills. His crusade to be "tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime" will mean fast-tracking young criminals into court.

  • New powers to deal with noisy neighbours, a crackdown on drink-related crime, curfews for teeny terrors and compulsory drug tests and treatment for addicts.

  • Devolution for Scotland and Wales will also begin with short bills for each country being rushed through Parliament before the autumn referendums are put to the people.

  • There will be bills to introduce a legal minimum wage and reforms to the NHS.

  • Labour will also take great delight in releasing the long-awaited investigation into the cash-for-questions scandal. Major's first, and some say biggest, mistake was to try and cover up the report by ending Parliament and firing the election gun.