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ref date:26 Mar 1999 (WBA)
BBC says it will not bow to spin doctors

John McCormick the controller of BBC Scotland will say today that he will not tolerate spin doctors and extreme political activists bullying his staff to get their air time during the run up to the May election.

McCormick will say "It is unacceptable to have staff constantly harangued by political activists who set out with the intention of hitting the media as hard a possible, whether it is justified or not. Let me make it clear, we will not be bullied."

Of course the BBC will give more air time to the Tories and to Labour as it has always done , rather than to the SNP who have a very large share of the vote.

Liddell has already worked her black magic on the BBC you can be sure of that.

Labour voters in Scotland need more brainwashing to make them forget their Scottish parliament will be a TOTAL fix if the SNP don't get control. It will be Mr Blair' and the Scottish Office lap dog that we'll all pay more tax on!!