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ref date:16 Dec 2001 (ENV)
Blood sport fanatics hijack rural issues marches in Scotland

The Scottish countryside has been long neglected and used by a few RICH (often Foreign) or English or English backed landed gentry.

These people claim they respect the country way of life, but they hold the axe over the necks of tenant farmers, happily take subsidies from the tax generating public (most of whom work in CITIES) and then pursue their barbaric ritualistic hunt of foxes and hares over a glass of Pimms.

These people hijacked the press over the real issues affecting Scottish country life. How to sustain small farmers. How to sustain rural communities dying under the yoke of the highest petrol prices in world caused by Londons taxes. They also hate the idea that the PUBLIC may even get to walk over 'their' land. They also forget that Tourism USED TO make a lot of revenue for these communities, but that lack of investment from London (after they took taxes anyway) has killed that industry.

So, if you read this remember the loudest voices in the 'countryside' lobby are those who want to keep it to themselves , on their terms, and NOT share it with tourist or native Scots.