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ref date:25 Feb 2000 (EU)
Euro Banks in league with London to destroy Scotlands identity

The Central European bank is correct when it says it does not want to see national symbols all over the euro notes when they are issued.

However, the Scottish people and the Scots as a nation are not going to stand idly by and watch London use European law to stifle our national identity further by scrapping notes issued by the Scottish banks in favour of those printed by the bank of ENGLAND....

yes, thats the bank of england, NOT the bank of the "UK"

so the bank of englands notes are no more legal than any Scottish banks.

We Scots have to tolerate their currency also, covered in 'English' themes!

In short, the European convention on human rights gives all Scots the right to assert, preserve and enhance their national identity as much as the French, Irish and Germans do - killing of OUR currency would be an insult.

A compromise may be found if Scotlands parliament gets to set the design of 50% of ALL notes issued in Scotland and England post European monetary union....