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ref date:31 Jan 2000 (CD)
Blairs MOD and Monica have a lot in common

Tony Blair is so arrogant that he has allowed the ministry of defence talk to the Americans and ask that they extend their ridiculous, ill thought out anti-missile program to 'protect Europe from missiles from Iran and Iraq'.

Monica and the MOD, both sucking up where they shouldn't be.

Most Americans now realise the greatest threat to their way of life is from home grown loonies, or people pushed into poverty (look at the results of extremist actions at WTO meetings).

North Korea is no more of a threat than a wart! They have too much to gain and too much to lose by making serious enemies of the US!

As for upgrading the US Fylingdales electronics facility in Yorkshire (North England) to support the USA NO as it would breach the 1972 anti-ballistic missile treaty

Instead, kick the US bases and the NSA out of European affairs - the 'special relationship' ought to stop at the 'sucking up' phase.