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ref date:20 Jan 1999 (SI)
The Scotsman paper is Mr Blairs poodle

Continuing the training of this once proud and independent Scottish paper, Labours London Lackies have persuaded it to print comments indicating that the SNP will need to form an alliance with the Lib Dems to get control of the Scottish parliament in May.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Increasing desperation in London sees this lapdog of a paper rant on even more than this web site occasionally does (at least I admit it!) about SNP weakness in a frail attempt to cover up Labours insecurity.

What's really funny is that Scotsman paper said today that having 'fundamentalists' (for that read SNP MPs committed to independence) would make life hard for Mr Salmond.

Well at least they wont be drummed out of the party unlike Labours approach to having free thinkers