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ref date:12 Mar 2002 (SI)
Glencoe massacre being spun into nothingness

Its historical fact that Campbell clan sided with the armies of occupying English forces and played a major role in the murder of clansmen of the MacDonals clan in early February 1692. Now, the "National Trust for Scotland" (many of whom are English or have strong ties with 'upper echelons' of English society) have allowed Roddy Campbell - to run the Glencoe massacre site visitor centre.

It may seem petty to look back 300 years and say does it matter, well yes it DOES.

Many landowners in Scotland were richly rewarded with titles, seats in Englands house of Lords and lands in Scotland in perpetuity for selling their country out to English rule via London and Londons parliament.

It seems a little insensitive, with no disrespect to Roddy per se, to have ANY Campbell at this site. It would be like have Mr Walker, the US citizen who fought with the Taliban, doing guided tours of the world trade centre site in New York.

There is NO United Kingdom, only a Scottish people kept under the thumb through lies, media spin and fear.