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ref date:10 Sep 2002 (env)
Scotland a testbed for Genetically modified crops
This site has often (perhaps quite wrongly) taken the mickey out of those opposed to the introduction of genetically modified crops into the environment. It is STILL true these plants may offer higher yields, and resistance to more pests needing less pesticide and thereby protecting the environment, but a three year trial is NO way to ascertain the long term impact on the environment that may result.

The interactions may be very subtle, but wind blown and insect carried pollens could create undesirable weaknesses in some crops and even help raise instances of allergies for those already pollen sensitive.

Trials SHOULD proceed but in CLOSED, carefully controlled artificial environments where interactions can be studied. It would be VERY expensive, but the businesses pushing these crops CAN afford it.

Given the stupid, rampant deployment of microwave emitting antennae for cell phones with NO regard for human health, we see Blair and his government have NO understanding or concern for anything but big business interests. Just like our American 'cousins'.