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ref date:8 Mar 1999 (SI)
Labour a gnats whisker from nationalism

The labour party are getting desperate in Scotland.

Having been caught lying and now quite correctly being perceived as attempting to fix all aspects of the vote in May for a 'devolved' parliament, they are trying to throw a large wooly blanket over Scots voters, to wrap them in deeper untruths.

Donald Dewar said "In Scotland, we take our own decisions. This is as it is and as it will be always. Scotland, for Scotland, for Scots."

Dewar seems to have forgotten London veto's, DTI interference, MI5 spying and numerous other handcuffs already placed on Scottish self determination since The Scots voted for their own parliament in September 1997.

SNP leader Alex Salmond said "It is a sign of their panic that, in his speech, Donald Dewar spent more time talking about the SNP than everything else put together. London Labour are fearful and frustrated because they are losing the policy debate to Scotland's party. Labour's policy agenda is London-led, which is why they are unable to match the real needs of the Scottish people"