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ref date:7 Dec 1999 (HEA)
Labour puts drug costs before sanctity of life

Young and old alike have a lot to fear from Labours new stance on drug availability to treat disease.^M

What the public does not readily understand is that drug companies may spend years of research time and tens of millions of pounds to produce one, safe, viable drug to help treat an illness.^M

For Blairs government to make blanket statements that costs of these drugs will be paramount in who does and does not get treated is Blair playing god. The Scots pay vast taxes to Westminster - now give some back.

Given Tuberculosis, the disease of poverty is now on the rise again in Scotland and London, perhaps Blair should think again.

Perhaps though smokers should suffer the "double whammy" on increased cigarette prices and ^M greatly increased compulsorynational insurance deductions to cover the extraordinary costs of treating smoking related diseases.