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ref date:3 Nov 1998 (SI)
SNP look set to win North East election

A seat in the European parliament for North East Scotland will be contested within the next three weeks.

Information that MAY have leaked from Labour 'down South', indicates that Tory Boy (Tony Blair) has already conceded that Aberdeen (oil capital of Scotland) will be lost to the SNP.

The SNP leader Alex Salmond said: "All that Labour has to offer is London-based policies, including high interest rates and high sterling, which are damaging the north-east and the rest of Scotland. Eddie George (Governor of the Bank of England)let the cat out of the bag when he said that unemployment in the north was a price worth paying for dealing with an inflationary problem in south-east England. That is a disaster for Scotland, but is a direct consequence of Gordon Brown's (Blairs chancellor, a Scot gone non-native in London) south-east of England economic agenda."