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ref date:18 Jun 1999 (ENV)
Scots pay environment tax whilst US and China do nothing

A group of leading Scottish businessmen have told the London chancellor, Gordon Brown, that plans to introduce the 'environmental change levy' to help pay for environmental industrial controls agreed at the Kyoto summit, will HARM Scottish industry.

They are of course correct. Whilst the environment needs to be protected the United States and China are doing NOTHING to comply and their combined pollution and fossil fuel usage is driving the environmental changes that are now all to self evident.

We seem to have a choice: do nothing and protect jobs whilst the environment goes to hell OR tax business and let the environment go to hell anyway as the USA and China will NOT comply with Kyoto pollution efforts.

Not much of a choice! Perhaps the EU needs to impose a TAX ON US AND CHINESE goods as they are produced in a NON ECO_FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT?

Why should all Europeans pay to subsidise the USA and China?