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ref date:26 Aug 1999 (ECON)
Labour spending less on public services than Thatcher ever did

Labour will spend an average of 39.4 % of the gross "UK" GDP between 1997 and 2001 on public services.

Compare this to the % spendings of past "British governments"

Thatcher	  1979-1990  43%
Major		  1990-1997  41.4%
Wilson/Callaghan  1974-1979  45.4%
Wilson		  1964-1970  39.9%
Of course Blair and his ministers say they are 'targetting' the money they do spend more wisely. Really? Thats why we still have 60,000 Scottish children below the EU poverty line, and tens of thousand of council homes in Scotland falling to pieces. Longer NHS lists than ever and severe road congestion.

Yes Mr Blair, we all believe you (NOT).