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ref date:4 Feb 2003 (si)
Devolution failing in Scotland - Independence needed
Jack McConnell, the current Labour-London YES man who runs the glorified parish council also called the Scottish 'parliament' is worried Scottish voters will not bother voting in the next Scottish 'parliamentary' election in May 2003.

He sees devolution at risk if they dont.

He said "Politicians have to rise to that challenge and we need a positive election campaign. People in Scotland will respond more if we get a positive campaign, but people will be turned off by the kind of negative personality campaigns that have already been started by some parties."

Why should the Scots bother? They get vetoed by London, have the taxes funneled into the American war effort supported by the spineless Blair and have NO control or freedom.

Remember that tens of thousands of ex-pat Scots living abroad are NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO VOTE in the Scottish 'parliamentary' elections, that was as Westminster/London intended it to be.