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ref date:30 Oct 1998 (ECON)
HotEire Ireland fears competition from independent Scotland

Labours Scottish Office lap dog, Mr. Dewar and Eire' Mr Ahern performed a splendid comedy duo last night when they (with no vested interests of course...) stated that the SNP plan to lure more inward investment into Scotland using lower corporation tax rates than England wouldn't work.

Only Ireland could manage this was the call. The SNP would do well to liaise with Eire to dispel the myth. If the SNP get control of the Scottish parliament, which is still likely, Eire will HAVE to deal with the new situation. Better to foster trust than to create false illusions for short term political ends. Is this perhaps part of Blairs peace initiative for the North of Ireland?

Perhaps we need Moulder and Scully here......