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ref date:6 Sep 1999 (WBA)
Tobacco lobby should be kicked out from Scotland with their drugs

There are too many lobbyists with their deep pockets and sleazey 'gifts' ready to prey upon members of the Scottish parliament at the drop of a hat.

The Tobacco companies, the worlds biggest purveyors of death in a 'socially acceptable' drug form are to set out to stop the ban on smoking in public places in Scotland. the only way to do it IS TO BRIBE... Thats illegal. Keep them out of Holyrood.

Even most smokers know they are addicted, know they will die sooner and cannot help themselves. A Good example from the USA. California does many crazy things but its NON smoking laws make it a pleasure to go out to a restaurant and not have to inhale lung fulls of carcinogenic filth! Its that simple.

Let people smoke if they want in their own homes, but nowhere else.

Remember these tobacco companies have given billions of dollars to United States local governments to stop their behinds being sued off. The state governments accepted these BRIBES to pay for health care costs incurred by the tobacco side effects. Demand the same for Scots smokers and watch these parasites evaporate like the smog they promote.