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ref date:30 Apr 1999 (CD)
labour still sore over SNP comments on Kosovo

The American military and the US congress are wary about putting ground troops into Kosovo, although they have now admitted that it WILL BE NECESSARY.

The American media (NPR) has also embraced the notion that the bombing has hardened the will of Serbs to fight on and now Montenegro is backing away from supporting NATO actions.

It was 'folly' to think we could bomb policy into a hardened murderer like Milosevic, Alex Salmond was right.

But the jingoistic flag waving labour loonies and ex-Scots (like Foreign secretary Robin Cook) are still accusing Alex Salmond of being soft on the Serbs.

Cook said "Scotland would be in the margins of the Kosovo crisis under independence. It would have a limited role in solving the crisis which weighs heavily on the minds of the Scottish people."

No Robin, the Scots dont have a seat on the security council to worry about, thats Londons seat, we have poor health care, infrastructure and constant meddling in our internal affairs from London, thats what weighs on our minds. Put your Union Jack where the sun does not shine!

And while you are at it, stop selling arms to Indonesia that is uses to slaughter its own ethnic minority in East Timor....