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ref date:18 Nov 1999 (CD)
New terrorism bill too sweeping in what defines a terrorist act

The control freaks in London are at it again.

First internet and home computer spying, now anyone who opposes companies policy or shouts out against government policy is to be branded a terrorist.

Friends of the Earth's Kevin Dunion said: "This Bill must not become a licence to snoop on all groups who are opposed in some way to certain things governments and companies are up to."

London wants to cast a big net to drag us all into conformity. Order. Structure. The third way. The 4th Reich?

Having seen how efficiently Blair crushed all opposition to Chinas premiers visit, whilst in the USA the tyrant was greeted as the leader of a tyrannical regime, its hard to see why Blair shouldn't be locked up as being a menace to a free society instead.